A new game app by SGAG.

PANIK is a new trivia game show that goes LIVE

every Sunday at 9:30 PM (SG time), where you can win cold hard cash!

How to Play

Join the live game

A push notification will be sent, and you may also check for the upcoming live game in the app's home screen.

Wreck your brain, answer questions and act fast!​

Each game consists of a Standard Round with 10 questions, and you get 10 seconds each! Points will be given for each correct answer, and there's no elimination for a wrong answer.

Get the highest points to win

The Standard Prize Pot will be split among those with the highest score at the end of the 10 questions. 

PANIK! Bonus Round

Player(s) with the highest score get the chance to qualify for the PANIK round to win the PANIK Prize Pot!

ONE FINAL QUESTION is all it takes!

WARNING: Entering the final round requires you to throw your current winnings to the PANIK Prize pot, so you can either go big or go home!

No winners? The Pot will roll over to the next game.

Cash out!
Request to cash out your winnings via GIRO.

The minimum cash out amount is only $10!


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